Chocolaterie since 1895


Cocoa beans are the raw material around which all our everyday work revolves. For this reason it is very important to us to retain its precious nature and give maximum support to the people who grow and harvest it. Since January 2014 we have completely reorganised our production around 100% sustainable cocoa beans: an investment in the natural environment and people.


Small or large, white or brown, sweet or nutty – it makes no difference to Weinrich because we manufacture a huge variety of flavours to suit every taste and every opportunity. All our chocolate is made from sustainable cocoa beans.

UTZ certified/Fairtrade/RAC


Social responsibility

  • We are dedicated to improving living conditions on the other side of the planet. As a fair trade pioneer, for example, we support the building of schools in our growers’ countries and are committed to guaranteeing financial planning security for small cocoa farmers. A good example here is our close cooperation with the Ghanaian Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative, where grants have enabled it to develop into a socially and economically stable institution.
  • We are committed to paying higher raw material prices for cocoa beans and raw cane sugar from controlled organic cultivation. By doing so we guarantee organic cocoa farmers a secure, calculable income, thereby making them independent of the risks of fluctuating cocoa prices on the world market.
  • To the best of our knowledge and belief we do everything possible to exclude the exploitation of child labour.

Ecological responsibility

  • We aim to preserve an intact environment in the countries from which we take the raw materials necessary for making chocolate.
  • We are constantly updating our technical equipment and introducing up-to-date production processes to keep emissions as low as possible.
  • We do not use genetically modified raw materials and additives.