Chocolaterie since 1895


Satisfied customers are our top priority at all times. This is why we think it important to confirm and maintain customers trust in our products. To do this several factors are necessary. These include a conscientious control of quality, transparent production processes and a specifically targeted purchase of raw materials.

One thing is very important if we are to do justice to our customers many different wishes: a happy workforce. For this reason Weinrich has always placed great value on suitable working conditions, safety at the workplace and career advancement. This has proved a great success! Almost half of the more than 300 strong workforce have been working for our company for over 10 years and even considerably longer.

DLG awards for our chocolate

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The results of DLG food tests provide consumers with neutral and independent information on the quality of food products. The tests are conducted by expert scientists with the aim of protecting consumers in an active way. Where confectionary is concerned sensory qualities like the look, the smell and the taste play an important role alongside the bite and the chewing factors.

During the past three years DLG annual texts have resulted in awards for all our chocolate products. 85% if them were given the highest possible award: DLG gold.