Chocolaterie since 1895

Fair chocolate

Social responsibility is important to Weinrich. This is why we pay particular attention to fair trading in chocolate production. As one of the pioneers in this area we produce goods for Europe’s most important fair trade companies, GEPA – The Fair Trade Company and Divine UK, with whom we have been working in close cooperation for years. In order to ensure the best possible preconditions we check the origins of the cocoa and the farming methods personally and support the cocoa farmers’ cooperatives, for example, in school-building projects. This guarantees them a higher standard of living. Thus, over the past few years Weinrichs has developed an intensive partnership with the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana which sends us the raw materials for Divine Chocolate.

GEPA – The Fair Trade Company

Respect for people and nature

GEPA – The Fair Trade Company is Europe’s largest fair trade company. For over 35 years GEPA has been a symbol of social and environmental-friendly trade. It imports its cocoa from Africa, Asia and Latin America in long-term business relationships and at fair conditions. Guaranteed minimum prices ensure that the cocoa farmers have a solid income independent of fluctuating prices on the world market. This means that they can feed their families and send their children to school. Amongst other things the cooperatives invest their surplus income in health care and improving their infrastructure ( for example, expanding their fermentation and drying plants) 

A first! GEPA not only trades in fair cocoa, it also buys in fair organic Alpine milk from South Germany to make its milk chocolate.

GEPA has been honored many times for its achievements in fair trade and sustainability. For example, GEPA received the “German Sustainability Award 2014” in the category “Germany’s most Sustainable Brand”. Furthermore, it was listed as one of the three finalists of “Germany’s most Sustainable Small Businesses” (with up to 499 employees).

GEPA quality guarantee:

  • Major social and ecological responsibility
  • GEPA is certified by ÖKO-TEST magazine with the highest fair trade standards.
  • Fair organic Alpine milk from South Germany
  • Particularly smooth chocolate thanks to longer conching times
  • No emulsifiers

You can get further information on GEPA’s homepage: