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VIVANI organic chocolates

Top quality ingredients from organic farms

The multi-award-winning organic chocolate products from VIVANI are particularly noted for their fine taste and high quality. High grade ingredients are an important foundation here. The raw materials come exclusively from controlled organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Thus we are able to protect both people and the natural environment. The finest recipes and extended periods of conching give VIVANI chocolate an amazing melt-in-the-mouth quality – a high-quality treat for all lovers of chocolate. We consciously refrain from using emulsifiers like soya lecithin, genetically treated ingredients and artificial flavouring agents. There is simply no more natural way to enjoy the best things in life!

3 VIVANI flavours: Superior Dark Chocolate with Cranberry, White Chocolate with vanilla and Smooth Dark Chocolate, 85 % cocoa

Alongside its high quality demands VIVANI places great value on fair trading relationships, thereby showing its social responsibility. Major ingredients like organic cocoa and organic raw cane sugar come from small farming cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Guaranteed purchasing prices ensure that the farmers have a secure income independent of fluctuating prices on the world market. This means that they can raise living standards for themselves and their families, there is room for investments and further developments, and the risk of child labour is reduced. Using the slogan "It's one world – stop child slavery" VIVANI fights to end the exploitative use of child labour in cocoa farming.

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iChoc – vegan chocolate for milk chocolate fans

Four iChoc flavours: Almond Orange, White Nougat Crisp, Choco Cookie und White Vanilla.
Four iChoc flavours

Vegans have had to wait for a long time for good chocolate. iChoc can offer a solution here. EcoFinia – the makers of the well-known VIVANI chocolate range – have really hit the mark with vegan chocolate fans. Their new range of four sophisticated flavours taste exactly like classic dairy milk chocolate, but are produced completely free of animal products. 100% ecological recipes and packing material round off the complete package.

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