Chocolaterie since 1895

Seasonal chocolate

There are moments in the year which cry out for a very special chocolate. This is why Weinrich has extended its own products to include the “1895” range. These mouth-watering chocolate bars are only available on special occasions.

1895 – Easter chocolate

Weinrich´s 1895 – Easter chocolate

Easter is the season for munching chocolate! Our bright and jolly Easter chocolate is a special treat for fans of white chocolate. Crunchy crispies, a fine hint of vanilla and – for a white chocolate –  a remarkable cocoa content, all combine to make this chocolate a very special Easter surprise.

1895 – Christmas Chocolate

Weinrich´s 1895 - Christmas Chocolate

We are particularly proud of our “1895 Christmas Chocolate” because its traditional recipe can be traced back to an old Weinrich jubilee bar. One of the most mouth-watering and smoothest dairy milk chocolates will give you moments of pure Christmas delight that you won’t forget in a hurry!

1895 – ABC chocolate

Weinrich´s 1895 – ABC chocolate

This dairy milk chocolate is not only a hit amongst school starters! It contains the whole alphabet in separate A to Z shapes. An irresistible invitation to playful creative minds. The possibilities are infinite!