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  • Welcome Welcome to Weinrich's chocolate world. Our family business is now in the fourth generation and has been dedicated to chocolate-making for over 100 years.
  • About us Since 1895 the business philosophy at the Weinrich Chocolate Factory has been based on three cornerstones: tradition, aspiration and responsibility. It has been our constant aim to bring tried-and-tested, first-class recipes into harmony with the challenges of the present day.
    • Responsibility Our aim is to put our company on the road to a successful future and to handle the necessary resources with circumspection. We are very well aware of our social and moral responsibility.
    • Environmental Responsibility
    • Social Responsibility
    • Tradition Experience is a valuable possession, particularly when it comes to chocolate-making. Homogenous recipes have to mature like a good wine. They have been doing so at Weinrich for over a century. The result is the finest high-quality chocolate products.
    • Aspiration Our chocolate products only contain the best, ethically responsible ingredients. A careful quality assurance and prudent buying guarantee top-level quality chocolate.
    • Certification
  • Products A large variety of flavours, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and high quality demands guarantee the highest level of chocolate perfection.
    • Finest Chocolate Weinrich´s 1895 Weinrich´s 1895 represents a century of experience culminating in 18 variations of finest chocolate. Our wide product range is an exciting blend of tradition and innovations – from classic favourites like Fine Full-Cream Nut to exotic flavours like Fine Dark Raspberry Crisp.
    • Organic chocolate More than a century of experience in the art of chocolate making has made the company one of Europe's leading producers of high-quality chocolate.
    • Fair chocolate We produce chocolate for Europe’s most important fair trade companies: "GEPA – The Fair Trade Company” and “Divine UK”.
    • Filled fruit chocolate What would spring and summer be without a refreshing fruit chocolate? But even in colder seasons chocolate lovers all over the world like to enjoy strawberry, cherry and wild berry fillings.
    • Truffle chocolate One of Weinrich’s favourite specialities is making top-class truffle chocolate. We place great value on the highest quality ingredients for recipes.
    • Cooking and baking chocolate Chocolate can be used in other areas, like deserts, in pralines, cocktails and other tasty recipes. The aromas of a good chocolate can give dishes a very distinctive character!
    • Private-label chocolate
    • Seasonal chocolate There are moments in the year which cry out for a very special chocolate. This is why Weinrich has extended its own products to include the “1895” range. These mouth-watering chocolate bars are only available on special occasions.
    • Chocolate for further processing
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  • Shop isit us at our popular “Chocolate Bruchbude”, the Weinrich factory sales outlet in the centre of Herford. Factory-fresh chocolate, sweet gift ideas and bargain items – here chocolate lovers can find everything their heart desires.
    • “Bruchbude“ Our factory sales outlet Weinrichs Schokoladen Bruchbude is situated in the Gänsemarkt (Goose Market) at the centre of Herford. Here chocolate lovers can find everything their heart desires.
  • Contact Feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to put ourselves at your disposal at any time!